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Emanuel Sabino "Lord Of Emotion"

My name is Emanuel Sabino. Also known as "Lord Of Emotion".

I've been recording and mixing for many years.

I am a hip-hop artist as well as a hardcore/punk/metal drummer. 

I work with all genres of music and all types of audio-related projects.

I reside in Brooklyn, NY. Sign up and hit me up for a session to get the address.

Not charging at the moment, but you have to add me to credits & royalties!

I can help put your audio onto all streaming services and let's not waste each other's time! 

Audio for Films, Podcasts, Vlogs, and more is negotiable.

I accept debit and credit as well for the inconvenience of ATMs.

I also offer free promotion on my community website on the link below.

Check out my mixing/mastering skills on the links below. 

You can also check out beats I engineered on the link below.

On the very bottom of this website, sign up and let's make history!

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